Friday, February 14, 2014

The grape harvest

Seeing how big my hand is, you can imagine how tiny the grapes were. I had to cut it off the vine after the grape leaves started dying back. I am so sad, did I overprune it? It is bald and looks hideous. I am so worried that the grape leaves won't come back.

[18 Jan 2014] Hort Park's Gardener Bazaar

Hort park was hosting a Gardener's Bazaar on 18 Jan to coincide with the approaching CNY. Needless to say, there were flowers galore for sale. I bought some sunflower seeds and am now experiencing floppy sunflower seedlings syndrome *depressing*. Am following the instructions online to bury the stem, deep deep. Hopefully they will make it.

But I digress. I bought a yellow walking iris for S$5 from the Hort Park, which apparently I am overwatering. I will remedy this by not watering it anymore until the weekend.

There were a lot of stalls, most of the stalls were selling terrariums,vertical gardens and CNY blooms. Mr Bear told me that azaleas have a negative connotation, like woman's tears or something, but they are really popular for CNY. I am still waiting for people to throw away their lime plants after CNY... so sad, not yet... I crouch by the rubbish dump (don't tell the gov).

[18 Jan 2014] What you poking at?

We went to the Gardener's Bazaar (miraculously the yellow walking iris I bought hasn't died yet. I managed to kill my gerbeda already. Azaleas still going strong, blooming strong.).

While we were there, we saw some cute ass parrots, cawing at one another.
Ay ay ay, I know u want me.
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Because Gardening makes me wanna Dance! Thanx for visiting!!!

Because Gardening makes me wanna Dance! Thanx for visiting!!!