Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gardens by the Bay

I have been very busy at Arbeit, so have been mostly inactive online. However I am running out of space in my SD card so I am forced to update... sigh.
A few weeks ago I went with meine Kollegen to Gardens by the Bay. Had a lot of fun with the camera there. I am toying with the idea of buying the polaroid camera on sale for SGD99 at Challenger, but I am such a tight pussy. I think it would be wiser to splurge on a long-distance lens for my camera than to buy the polaroid. After all, it can be such a waste of $ especially when you take photos of people like Bobo who like to pull stupid faces at the camera and the polaroids themselves are deadly expensive. S$15.50 for a box of 10!?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013 Blooms

My Chrysanthemums are going on a protest by refusing to bloom. I suspect that they are suffering from blight. My principal crops are grapes and tomatoes ( I have a few fledgling plants), especially the former after I did "mulching" with egg shells. Shielding the soil from the crazy ass sun has helped encourage the growth of baby grape leaves. I am very hopeful that they will do better and climb up the ladder of success.

In the meantime, here are the rest of my flowers. I realize that all my flowers are really tiny, especially the cuphea. Hardly the sea of color I was going for, though my Anagallis has subsequently given me 7 blue flowers one morning (but I am too lazy to take a photo because it will require me to transfer the SD card in and out of the camera. zzz)

As for my other portulaca variety (the one that is edible- I realized that after seeing beak-shaped damage on the leaves, I had thought the birds were going for the aphids), I have taken to transplanting some in the kitchen balcony, in my office and among the aloe veras in the L-shape. I dare those birds to get at the portulaca among the poky veras!

Portulaca - can you see my neighbors' clothes hanging in the backdrop? :D
Anagillis, Lantana and Turnera Ulmifolia

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sour Grapes

We went to play at Mutter's garten on Saturday. Her grapevine sprouted three grapes, same like last week she said. So she gave me the grapes. I went home to try the grapes. They were deadly SOUR!!
I didn't eat them but bit into them so that I can get the seeds for regrowth. I realized now that the grapes were not ripe. I am concentrating on grape growing because I like to eat grapes and I like that I can use grapevines to make wreaths, like the one I bought from Germany.

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Because Gardening makes me wanna Dance! Thanx for visiting!!!

Because Gardening makes me wanna Dance! Thanx for visiting!!!