Saturday, September 10, 2016

Wormery Blues

The only baby worm
I have been trying to start a wormery, which I started with 1 fat earthworm, and lots of veggie peels, especially carrot. I used an old planter which I had been using to grow daikon (quite successfully I may add), and dumped coffee grounds (from the nice cafe guys from my office), boiled egg shells,  and mowed grass. I also found new tiny worm (looks promising as if he belonged one of the worm species that are more conducive to composting, Apparently fattie earthworms from the garden are not conducive, though their castings are still good)

The veggies I feed the wor
I went to the community garden downstairs and dug up a couple of fattie earthworms when I was rummaging for plants for the Misses Bears, who are starting their own high-rise garden in their condo. These guys also went into the planter.

Side track here: I am not sure whether I blogged about this before, but previously I did a compost drip using a banged up drink dispenser, which also had some fun misadventures involving greedy lizards.
too dark to see the rotted down compost
compost from the water dispenser
So Bobo and I went for an uneventful cruise and since returning, I decided to stocktake the number of worms I have. I suppose they should have had naughty sex with themselves by now, those hermaphrodites, and I would have at least some more..
the soil in the wormery
Nope. Flipped the soil for half an hour, and only found that same tiny worm from the other time. What happened to my 3 fatties???

When I was complaining to Bobo, he asked me if I had forgotten about those pesky Mynahs which treat my L-shaped corridor garden like their local Kopitiam. 

"I wouldn't be surprised if they found and ate the worms. Don't you see them hopping on the grass downstairs looking for worms?"

Btw we also wasted this morning going to Seaview Aquarium to look for blood worms, because some helpful person from green garden culture forum said they sold blood worms.

Yeah, they do. Frozen. They only had live tubifex which are gross sewage dwellers. So if you ever come across that same forum, don't ******** waste your time driving to the "Bird no lay egg, Dog no shit" place.

Of course Bobo had a snappy comeback for this as well. His comment was "even if they sell blood worms, don't you think that the quality will be very bad? That's why when you researched for local sellers of the worm for gardening, versus local seller of the same worm for rearing fish, the price difference was so much different for the same worm?"

Argh. I know I should appreciate that he still accommodated my request and drove me there even if he thought it was a stupid idea. Anyway tomorrow I am going to risk Zika and rummage through my other community garden soil and look for some more fatties.

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Because Gardening makes me wanna Dance! Thanx for visiting!!!

Because Gardening makes me wanna Dance! Thanx for visiting!!!