Monday, June 9, 2014

[11 May] National Parks Board Advertorial campaign for Singapore Garden Festival

About a month ago, the newspapers ran a campaign called "Share a Plant" to promote the upcoming Singapore Garden Festival (16-24 Aug 2014).

Being naturally tight and greedy, I wanted to go and get one too. So I told Bobo to mentally prepare himself to wake up early so that we could go to Bishan Park to get one on Saturday. Both of us got up at 840am, by the time we found the place (Bishan Park is very big!), every single plant was gone even though the event started just one hour ago, at 8am. Some aunties were there complaining that the event planners should have brought more plants. According to the patient National Parks rep explaining to them, they already brought 200 more. Oopz too bad.

But I was also naturally very stubborn. So the next day, we hauled ourselves out of bed and went to Hort Park bright and early. A very nice volunteer brought his own spider ivy (see leftmost plant in above pic) to distribute to eager gardeners. I waited patiently for the plant only to have to fight off a lot of people (including this disgusting man who did not understand the concept of PERSONAL SPACE because he rubbed his crotch against my hip twice, only to receive a chair shoved between his legs by my clumsy hands. Oops I slipped. You play dumb, I play dumb too.). I was talking to the Bloke about it, that my desire to take part in this event had caused me to stupidly generate an additional 11km of carbon footprint. Not one for the environmental-friendly books. Also on retrospect, the plants also went against my requirements of "either edible or pretty bloom". Pretty leaves are not my cup of tea.

I toy with the idea of sharing these plants "as suggested by the website" come SGF. You can share the plant you got to someone else or use it in a display for prizes.

The two plants on the right are from the same family "Epipremnum aureum". The one in the middle has a cute local name called "money plant", I suppose the one on the right "golden pothos" has even better connotations because it is actually golden in color. Seems more fragile then the middle one.

The plants are pretty 打不死. They have survived my hands of death for about almost one month so far. In the meantime, I have encountered two snails. One from the golden pothos, the other from the new plants I bought. It couldn't resist the money plant and came off the plant (not sure which one, either the "fox glove" looking plant or gerberas. I don't know, the thought was equally disgusting because I carried both pots against my chest while hauling a bag of burnt soil), scaled the wall and somehow leapt onto the hanging leaves in the short minutes between my visits to the balcony. I was trying to find a device to somehow humanely transfer this particularly adventurous Mr Snail to the outdoor garden. 

I did see him the next morning scaling the wall, but when I came back again he was gone. Either he had leapt off the wall or into the stupid bird's stomach. I didn't really care.

See Mr Snail hanging off my money plant??
In case you missed him, here is Mr Snail, up close and in your face.

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Because Gardening makes me wanna Dance! Thanx for visiting!!!

Because Gardening makes me wanna Dance! Thanx for visiting!!!